GBS/OATH is a pro multitrack recording facility. We have several recording platforms to maximize flexibility for the client. This way we can best serve your needs. For example, you could track drums or basic tracks at our studio and then take the tracks to your home studio for overdubs, saving you lots o’ cash. Then bring the tracks back here, integrate them seamlessly with our system, and mix or master with our powerful console and mastering tools. Or bring tracks recorded at home here to overdub vocals with…say, a Neumann or BLUE mic, through world-class preamps and compressors. Anything to make the project a success, and to help the client maximize their budget. We not only have two separate Avid/Digidesign Pro Tools systems, we also have most of the popular PC recording platforms. We also do DVD Authoring and Sound For Film as well as remote location multitrack recording.

RECORDING PLATFORMS       (Apogee Big Ben Master Digital Clock for all recorders)

• Avid Pro Tools Ultimate 2020|HDX 2 system with extensive plug-in collection; Waves, Brainworx, FabFilter, DMG, McDSP, Slate, IK, EvenTide, Sonnox, etc

• Metric Halo converters

• Apogee Symphony converters

• Black Lion Audio modified A/D converters and master digital clocks

• Digidesign Protools|HD3 Accel system (edit room B)

• MOTU Digital Performer (24 bit 96k)

• PreSonus Studio One Pro 3

• Alesis ADAT (32 tracks)

• Tascam 8 track 1/2 inch analog reel-to-reel for all you garage rockers.

• Surround Sound Mixing and Mastering 5.1, 6.1, 7.1

• PC platforms with 2 MOTU 828mkII firewire interfaces:

• Steinberg Nuendo
      • Steinberg Wavelab
      • Sonar Producer’s Edition

• Reason 5
      • SampleTank      • Battery
      • Kontakt
      • Logic • Ableton Live

• 2.66 Ghz Quad-Core Intel Xeon Mac Pro tower

• Macbook Pro 2.5Ghz Intel Core i5 laptop with Pro Tools, MOTU DP4.5, Peak, Toast, etc

• Remote Recording- Live remote recording capabilities. We can multi-track your next show for a live, fully professional studio quality album.

2- TRACK RECORDING PLATFORMS   (for mixing & mastering)

•    Mac G5: ProTools, Peak VST, etc
•    PC w M-Audio 24/96, Steinberg Wavlab, etc
•    Tascam DA-30 mkII DAT Recorder
•    Tascam DA-30 DAT Recorder
•    Tascam 1/2 inch analog reel to reel
•    Pioneer 1/4 inch analog reel to reel


Studer 24 Channel G Series Analog Mixing Console  (our “mix dream.”)

Studer Desk BlkPurp         A killer drum tracking console, as well as a superb analog summing console for mixing out of Pro Tools for that “dangerous” sound.

Mackie Digital 8 Bus (56-input)


•    ATC SCM25a Pro
•    Amphion One18
•    Mackie HR824 (7 units, plus a subwoofer — for up to 7.1 surround )
•    Yahmaha NS-10
•    Tannoy PBM 6.5
•    JBL LSR 4328P
•    Alesis Monitor One
•    EV Sentry Monitors
•    Panasonic boombox (ah yes, the essential boombox mix test)
•    JVC boombox (the 2nd essential boombox mix test)
•    Avantone Mix Cubes


•    AKG Gold K 240 headphones
•    Beyer Dynamic Pro 770 headphones
•    Vic Firth Isolation Headphones for Drummers
•    Behringer p16 personal headphone mixer system


•    Avalon
•    A-Designs
•    API
•    Aurora Audio
•    Atlas Pro Audio
•    Buzz Audio
•    CraneSong / Dave Hill Designs
•    Chandler Limited Abbey Road Edition preamps and compressors
•    D.W. Fearn
•    Daking
•    D.A.V. Electronics, United Kingdom
•    Dramastic Audio Obsidian
•    Elysia
•    Empirical Labs Distressor (2)
•    Grace Design
•    Heritage Audio
•    IGS Audio
•    Kush Audio
•    JLM Audio
•    Manley Vari-Mu stereo compressor/limiter
•    Pendulum Audio stereo compressor/limiter
•    Pultec
•    Studer
•    Rupert Neve Designs
•   Tegeler Schwerkraftmaschine vari-mu compressor
•    UnderTone Audio
•    Urei 1970s vintage 1176LN Limiter/Compressor
•    Demeter
•    Focusrite
•   Wes Audio ngBus Comp
•    Warm Audio
•    ART
•    Bellari
•    dbx
•    Valley
•    Slate Pro Audio Dragon 1176 type compressor


•    Neumann, BLUE, AKG, Royer, Sennheiser, Schoeps, Pearlman, Peluso, Earthworks, AEA Ribbon mics, Josephson, Beyerdynamic, Audix, Shure, Audio Technica, Crown, sE Electronics, etc
•    Manley Gold Reference Mic available upon request
•    Neumann vintage M49 available upon request
•    Full-body massage by Travis upon request


•    Eventide H3000
•    TC Electronics Finalizer Plus 96k
•    TC Electronics M2000 Studio Effects Processor
•    Lexicon LXP-5
•    Lexicon LXP-1
•    Lexicon MRC MIDI Remote Effects Controller
•    Roland SRV2000
•    Yahmaha D1500 digital delay
•    Roland SE-50 (2)
•    BBE 862 Sonic Maximizer
•    ZSYS Lightpipe Digital Detangler Patchbay


•    Gibson Les Paul standard
•    Fender Telecaster (multiple models, vintage)
•    70’s Ibanez Artist Steve Lukather double cutaway
•    Fender American Stratocaster Deluxe
•    Fender Strat w Fishman Fluence pickups
•    Epiphone ES-335 hollow body electric guitar
•    Gretsch hollow body jazz guitar with Bigsby tremolo
•    J. Thomas Davis handmade acoustic 6 string
•    Taylor Custom GS8 Grand Symphony 12 string acoustic guitar
•    Taylor 415 Jumbo 6 string acoustic guitar
•    Guild Willy Porter Signature 6 string acoustic guitar
•    C.F Martin HD-28 6 string acoustic guitar
•    Gibson acoustic guitars 6 and 12 string
•    Goya classical guitar
•    Alvarez Yari DY-77 6 string acoustic
•    Alvarez “Nashville-tuned” acoustic guitar
•    resonator “dobro” guitar
•    Fender Precision 4 string bass guitar
•    custom fretless Rickenbacker copy 4 string bass guitar
•    Ibanez 4 string electric bass guitar
•    Yamaha BB3000 4 string electric bass guitar
•    stand up acoustic double bass
•    Michael Kelly 4 string acoustic/electric bass guitar
•    5 String Banjo (vintage 70’s, rebuilt by J. Thomas Davis)
•    Asheville mandolin
•    Brownsville Ukulele
•    Indian Sitar
•    Persian Tamboura
•    Harmonium: 50 key Bina Delux model 23 from India

•    Peavey classic 50 half stack
•    Marshall JCM800 guitar amp
•    Vox AC30 combo guitar amp
•    The People’s Amp 18 watt tube head
•    Mesa Boogie guitar amplifcation
•    Ampeg Gemini II 1963 vintage guitar amp
•    Mesa Bass Prodigy Four:88 bass amp
•    Gallien-Krueger GK 800RB bass amp

•    Sequential Circuits Pro One analog synth
•    Roland Juno 60 analog synth
•    Roland D50 synth
•    M-Audio ProKeys88 piano with weighted keyboard action
•    Roland keyboard MIDI controller
•    Conway baby grand piano
•    Hammond organ with Leslie cabinet
•    Roland U220 synth
•    Yahmaha RX-15 drum machine
•    Roland DDR-30 Digital Drums
•    Lowrey Genie Organ (no kidding)
•    *extensive* sample library- strings, pianos, horns, sound FX, etc.


•    Ludwig ’70’s vintage 4 piece drum kit, 3 ply
•    Ludwig 1966 Superclassic : 22, 18, 16, 13
•    Rogers ’60s vintage 3 piece drum kit
•    Gretsch 80’s USA Maple with 22, 18, 14, 13
•    Slingerland 1964 kit
•    LP Djembe
•    LP Congas
•    12 or more snare drums of various makes: (DW, Yamaha, Nobel & Cooley, Supraphonic, etc)
•    various percussion (agogo, chimes, washboards, shakers, etc)

•    ETHNIC, etc:
•    Flute- Buescher Silver Aristocrat
•    Lira piano accordion
•    Button accordion concertina – slavic scale
•    Violin – Anton Schroetter (German)
•    japanese Koto / chinese zheng
•    Harmonium: 50 key Bina Delux model 23 from India
•    and…Eric plays the nose flute

We have a Balanced Power system at OATH Studios. This very clean and stable type of electrical current allows our equipment to operate with extremely low-noise, critical for high-quality digital recording. This is the same type of system used in hospitals for very delicate electronics.

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