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Hi, folks, our regular GBS Records website has been hacked. Oy vey.  So the website is down.  In the meantime, here’s our “News” section for 2013:  (oh, btw, because the site is down, none of the button links in the above graphic work. But links to other pages like our Gear page are above under the “About” tab beside the Home tab.)

March News:

Hey, folks, here comes spring! YAY!

Goings on this month at GBS, whew! we just finished a celtic dance performance anthem (think Riverdance, or Lord of the Dance) for Cincinnati’s McGing School Of Irish Dance (who won the World Competition in Ireland last year) for them to stepdance to at the World’s again, taking place in Boston this year.  It was a super fun collaboration with Changeling (Karl and Deb Colon, two superb celtic artists from Yellow Springs, OH), who were hired by the school to create the piece, and Brian McCoy from The Kells, with some killer B3 contributed by Craig Markley of Lone Raven studios.  Mastered by Brian Lucey, (just back from L.A. with 2 new Grammys for his work with The Black Keys) the number sounds huge, and we hope it helps the McGing School bring home another gold! Good luck!!

Go Robot Go is finalizing mixes for their new full-length release, the lads from Slide Ireland (one of the preeminent international celtic acts around nowadays) are working on their full length release, Joanie Calem is working on several CDs, and acoustic fingerstyle master Terry Rice is tracking for his new CD.  Mastering for Randy Clepper and John Sherman’s CD is almost finalized. GBS provided audio support for UA high school’s production of Les Mis (glowing reviews!), and Tom is continuing his role as voice talent for Microsoft tutorials on how to use their wonderful software.  Our own Eric French is continuing his work at WOSU as recordist for the live symphonic performances and as a radio operations engineer, as well as playing with the Josh Krajcik Band, and manning our new Studer tracking console in GBS Studios F, most recently working with Al Smythe & TFBCC on their live video.

St. Pat’s day is close upon us, so check out some of our favorite clients such as General Guinness, and of course The Drowsy Lads (kudos to piper and guitarist Daniel M who just picked up an incredible Lakewood guitar from The Guitar House Workshop via Greg Hankins; it sounds amazing!)

Happy St. Pat’s day and Yay! Spring! to alls yalls!  Toodles

Whew!! Even Busier Bees…

Hello, fine folks!  Our apologies for not posting for a while. Guess the busy bees bit us. We hope yalls had a great holiday season.  And so, first of all, let us wish a happy 2013 to you all!  Yes, we’ve been crazy busy here at GBS.  Earwig just cut tracks for their new record at GBS Studios F, on our new Studer mixing console manned by our own Eric French.  Eric built a great drum room, and, together with our new Studer mixing console, it’s a superb setup. (“New” might be the wrong term for the Studer console; it came from L.A., by way of NPR West, and is a ’70’s era vintage piece that was originally the mixing console for The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson. Oh, the history and things it’s seen we can only imagine. Indeed, we are proud parents.)

We’re continuing to work with the Irish lads from Slide Ireland, one of the hottest celtic bands in the world right now. Their velvety voiced singer, David Curley, is presently still in Ireland but we’ll be getting the lads back in soon to finish their record.  Also in the studio this month is an amazing acoustic guitarist, Terry Rice, cutting tracks for his record with his killer Martin guitar. Our good friends Go, Robot, Go! are putting the finishing touches on their latest full length release, and Tom continues his work as voiceover talent on the Microsoft video tutorials. Also in the studio these days is singer/songwriter Joanie Calem, and speaking of singer/songwriters, we’d like to give a shout out to our Chicago client Kris Kelly who just gave birth to a beautiful baby!  Wow!

We’re continuing our gratifying collaboration with DTN Productions International, Hallmark of Etiquette, and Deborah has a great new podcast series featuring humanitarian causes worldwide. A worthy cause and quite inspirational.

Yalls inspire us!  Stay warm!

GBS Records